Google Reviews For Your Salon – What You Need To Know

By September 3, 2016Local, SEO
Google Reviews For Salons

Getting Google reviews is often a time consuming and potentially risky activity. People are quick to leave a negative review (Check out this product review on David Jones) but often need a little nudge when the experience with your business has been really positive.

Why does it really matter?

Reviews play an important role in both being the social proof people want to see before they book as well as helping with your local SEO listings.

Let’s look into each in a little more detail.

What is social proof?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior. Social proof can come in many forms with one of the most common being testimonials and/or reviews.

[blockquote text=”92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer, and 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know.” show_quote_icon=”yes”][vc_separator type="transparent" position="center" up="3" down="0"]

That’s why almost all big brands show customer testimonials on their website.

Amazon, world’s largest online retailer, displays customer reviews and ratings on every product.

Google reviews beauty

Customer reviews and testimonials can be displayed in a number of different formats as long as they highlight the value of your product through the voices of satisfied customers. Be sure to promote your reviews somewhere they will be seen, find out where your existing clients, and potential new clients, hang out so your can flex there. If you primarily use Facebook for your salon then make sure the reviews are left there but keep in mind the potential volume that Google can offer you.

Local SEO Listing

A recent study showed us that the top three local search results (within the data set used) on Google have 472% more reviews than the next three results.

The key stats from this survey:

  • Listings 1-3 of Google’s local results have an average of 472% more reviews than listings 4-6.
  • The top 3 Google local results have more reviews, nearly twice as often as the next 3 results.
  • 63% of the time, Google’s local 3-pack contains the listing with the most reviews.
  • A listing in the top 3 Google local results has an average of 7.62 reviews, compared to just 1.61 reviews in results 4-6.

Ok So There Are Benefits, Now What?

Well now we need to get out there and get them 🙂 That being said, we still need to get people to leave the reviews without it taking up too much of your time.

Here are a few things you can do today:

  • Set up and automatic email to go to your clients 24 hours after they have had their service, simply add a link to your review page. you could even incentivise them with a cheeky discount on their next visit
  • Have an iPad at reception, simply ask them to login and leave a review, ensure you log them our once they are done 🙂
  • If you use a booking software then you can probably pull out all existing clients that have been in the last 7 days, boom, there is your target email list
  • If you have an engaging Facebook audience then simply offer them a cheeky discount or other incentive to jump over and leave a sterling review

If you need any help in getting these reviews or even automating the process then talk to the team here at PocketSalons. We will be launching our amazing and yet simple tool to get you more genuine and positive reviews in the coming weeks.

Colm is a co-founder of PocketSalons and experienced all round digital marketer. Having years of experience in the beauty market he has discovered web design and marketing strategies that lead to better conversions and more bookings.

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